Training Curriculum

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    The Start GIVING NOW Training Contents

    • GIVE To Be Great Defined

    • How To Advance Through Your Training

    • Important Instructions for Downloading and Playing Audio Files

    • The Law of Compensation

    • All 10 GIVERS Wealth Audio Recording Episodes

    • The Law of Desire

    • 25 DOs (Deeds) of GIVERS Checklist

    • Downloadable Audio File: All 25 GIVER DOs on 1 Audio File

    • Find Your Labor of Love

    • How To Build Your GIVERS Junto (Community) Around You

    • All 21 Audio Recording Episodes of How to Build Your Own GIVERS Junto Community

    • Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than You: A Worldwide Movement

    • Introduction to The Law of Compensation

    • Join GIVERS University on Social Media

    • Congratulations! You Have Completed Your GIVE To Be Great Start GIVING Now Training. Here's What Is Next: